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My competitive soccer career is officially over but my last season was definitely my best.  My team made it to the semi finals which is big for us, I ended the season with the most goals and assists, a bunch of mvp of the game, and got named to the all conference team. I was a completely different player than i was the season before and i can’t thank you enough for your helpCori Dengel
Cori DengelKean University
Paul is a great coach that that really provides you with a hands on experience that caters to your sport. The best I can say about him is how he interacts with people. From the start of meeting him it has jumped out at me tremendously how he invests in relationships and really cares about his athletes. He is extremely smart and also very adaptable to find the right programs for you to get better with your training focused on your sport. Paul is a great teacher and emphasizes proper form. I believe that any athlete looking to make improvements to their game needs to invest in practice and training. Sports are meant to have an off-season, giving you the time to focus on improvements to your game as well as your body to endure the long season and help to prevent yourself from breaking down. It would be foolish to believe a young athlete with little to no strength coaching is able to learn on their own. For me it took finding coaches that taught the proper form lifting and training programs to correctly to guide my game to the Major League level. I believe Paul offers that. I’m happy to have found him at this point in my career. I would highly recommend him to all athletes. Invest in your body and training as much as you invest in your sport to become the balanced athlete we all strive to be!  Mark Leiter Jr.
Mark Leiter Jr.Professional Baseball Player
Hunter is starting his 3rd year of training with Paul and the Trident staff.  During this time he has made tremendous gains in agility, quickness, overall strength.  His hard work at Trident has translated into significant improvement in his athleticism and confidence on the lacrosse field.  Not only have we seen tremendous improvements with lacrosse, we have seen him make great strides with his second "sport" surfing.  This fall he had the opportunity to surf on the Southern Regional High School surf team and had strong contest showings. His surfing has become more fluid, quick and powerful as a result of the work he puts in at Trident.  Most importantly he looks forward to going to training, thoroughly enjoys his time spent at Trident, and is developing a passion for physical fitness that he can carry into adulthood. If you want to maximize you child's athletic potential in competitive sports or in personal fitness/health there is not better place.  Todd Luyber
Todd LuyberParent of an Athlete
My kids have been going to Trident since they opened.  I cannot say enough about the program that Paul runs for each individual athlete.  My kids love going to Trident. I have seen a huge improvement in their strength and footwork.  What impresses me the most is the dedication and concern of Paul and his coaches. They truly care about each athlete and come to as many games as possible.  They care about them as individuals and athletes.  Lori Johnson
Lori JohnsonParent of an Athlete
When Rachel asked  her Club Coach what do I need to do to play Field Hockey in College her coaches response was"Rachel you have great stick skill but you need to work on your fitness as well." So Rachel started training at Trident. Paul and his staff are knowledgeable, dedicated, motivating, and professional.   Paul individualizes Rachel's workouts . Her shots on goal have become become very powerful. Her increase in speed and her agility to be able to get around the field and other players has been the biggest transformation on the field. When watching Rachel play Field Hockey, you can physically see how determined and  confident she is in her abilities on the field. The workouts are challenging and make Rachel stronger physically and mentally .While on her way to workouts, Rach will say, "Oh I wonder what workout Paul has for me today!" Rachel enjoys training at Trident she feels she has become faster and stronger and has more confidence in her abilities. Rachel knows Paul and his staff will continue to motivate  and challenge her so she is more than ready to play Field Hockey at the Division 1 level next year. Thank you for helping Rachel reach her goal and giving her the confidence to work hard and have faith in herself.  Christine Papernick
Christine PapernickParent of an Athlete
For teenage softball players, it’s crucial that they stay in shape over the winter months. Indoor hitting and gym workouts are the norm but for high school and aspiring college players, strength and agility has proven to be a must. Fortunately for us we found Trident Fitness & Performance where Paul and his staff created a custom program that not only provides a refreshing off the field workout option but also has a primary focus off making our female athletes leaner, faster and stronger. All without swinging a bat or throwing a ball. Last year we saw great results of their training as soon as the girls returned to the diamond. Now, we’re back again and can’t wait to get them on the field after another winter with Paul!Mike Sarnoski
Mike SarnoskiStingrays
Paul and the trainers at Trident have taken the time not only to get to know our players as athletes, but as people.  Our players now look forward to their strength & conditioning training sessions instead of trying to avoid them. The facility and equipment is state of art and provide us with a premier environment to train hard while receiving professional, individual instruction and feedback on technique and performance.  The work our players put in at Trident correlates directly to their ability to play fast and aggressive on the court. Our program looks forward to building healthier, hungrier, happier young men under the training of Trident Fitness for many seasons to come.  Eric Fiero
Eric FieroSouthern Regional High School Basketball Coach

We know that athletes typically have very busy schedules, it may be difficult to find time to incorporate performance training. For high school and college students, our program is designed to improve first step quickness, breakaway speed, change of direction, power and strength, and mobility and flexibility even with a busy schedule. Our program is perfect for high school and college students seeking to separate themselves from the competition.

Middle School is the perfect time to get an inside edge on speed, strength, and conditioning.  Middle School programming is geared towards middle school athletes from 6th grade to 8th grade. The program provides all the fundamentals of successful performance training in convenient two-day a week, 75 minutes a day sessions. These years are crucial for establishing maximum athletic performance and reducing future injuries.

Trident’s Junior program incorporates game play, while teaching fundamental speed and agility concepts.  Our program establishes a healthy foundation of fitness skills for your child that will keep their bodies in shape as they grow older. Now is the best time to have your child learn all the important fitness training techniques before they hit a growth spirt. Your child will learn to run faster, jump higher, and have greater control over their bodies while having a fun time.