Team Training Clinics
60 & 90 Minute Free Clinics

Athletes are made in the off-season.  We focus on preparing the athlete for the upcoming season making them stronger, faster and more athletic when they step on the field, court or ice. We also  provide strength and recovery training in-season to minimize injury and help the athlete become more mobile and resilient.

Tridents coaches are available to assist coaching staffs and their teams so there is more available time to focus on strategy and the game!
As the season approaches we will work more on Increased stamina and endurance to maintain needed energy, increase mental toughness and awareness to sustain the intensity of the game

Our In season & off season training programs are built with strength, power, and intensity which will apply directly to your team’s specific sports’ demands.

Book a 60 – 90-minute session on Saturday or Sunday for the entire team

  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Change of Direction
  • Reactive Training
  • Injury Reduction

Basics Weight Lifting Skills

  • Proper Squat Technique
  • Proper Lunge Techniques
  • Introduction to Olympic lifts

Off-site training – Trident Coaches will visit your school and deliver a challenging program designed specifically for the needs of your teams sport

Off-Season Training & In-Season Training Programs offered year round

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