For teenage softball players, it’s crucial that they stay in shape over the winter months. Indoor hitting and gym workouts are the norm but for high school and aspiring college players, strength and agility has proven to be a must. Fortunately for us we found Trident Fitness & Performance where Paul and his staff created a custom program that not only provides a refreshing off the field workout option but also has a primary focus off making our female athletes leaner, faster and stronger. All without swinging a bat or throwing a ball. Last year we saw great results of their training as soon as the girls returned to the diamond. Now, we’re back again and can’t wait to get them on the field after another winter with Paul!Mike Sarnoski
Mike SarnoskiStingrays
Paul and the trainers at Trident have taken the time not only to get to know our players as athletes, but as people.  Our players now look forward to their strength & conditioning training sessions instead of trying to avoid them. The facility and equipment is state of art and provide us with a premier environment to train hard while receiving professional, individual instruction and feedback on technique and performance.  The work our players put in at Trident correlates directly to their ability to play fast and aggressive on the court. Our program looks forward to building healthier, hungrier, happier young men under the training of Trident Fitness for many seasons to come.  Eric Fiero
Eric FieroSouthern Regional High School Basketball Coach

Athletes are made in the off-season.  We focus on preparing the athlete for the upcoming season making them stronger, faster and more athletic when they step on the field, court or ice. We also provide strength and recovery training in-season to minimize injury and help the athlete become more mobile and resilient. Whether you are a High School, Middle School, Club or Travel Team we can create a program that will help your team reach its goals!

Training as a team encourages camaraderie and continues to build a team bond. All the athletes participate in the same training program ensuring everyone is ready on game day. As the season approaches, we will work more on Increased stamina and endurance to maintain needed energy, increase mental toughness and awareness to sustain the intensity of the game. If training in-season we work with the coaches to identify training needs and keep athletes strong and injury resilient.

Trident also offers Team Clinics at our location:

  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Change of Direction
  • Reactive Training
  • Injury Reduction

Basics Weight Lifting Skills:

  • Proper Squat Technique
  • Proper Deadlift Techniques
  • Proper Bench Press Techniques
  • Introduction to Olympic lifts

Off-site training – Trident Coaches will visit your school and deliver a challenging program designed specifically for the needs of your team’s sport
If you are a Coach feel free to contact us directly at (609) 857-3135 or

If you are a parent of a young athlete and are interested in having your team come train with us at Trident please have your Coach reach out to us!